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Sarah and Chuck chose some historic and unique locations to shoot. We had a blast roaming around the District and hopefully that is reflected here. Sarah and Chuck were so much fun to hang out with. I forgot I was working!

Spoon on the track:

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It was ostensibly summer in San Francisco, at least the month – August would dictate summer in fog city. However, as the grey-blue fog rolled in off the Pacific Ocean with bursts of wind, it was clear that the shoot with Sue & Kent would be anything but easy. But these two were cool, just down to earth, and didn’t let it bother them. So we drank some good Napa wine, relaxed by the Warming Hut and then walked around the base of the Golden Gate and Crissy field. The light turned out to be unlike I have ever seen. As much as Kent & Sue look really good in these photos, Chewy ended up stealing the show.¬† Hopefully you enjoy the pictures with a modicum of the good times that we had that day.


Jarrett & Amanda



Jarrett & Amanda



Jarrett & Amanda


Jarrett & Amanda




Jarrett & Amanda


Jarrett & Amanda





Sutro Baths is an austere location on the Western shore of San Francisco. The area below the Cliff House represents the remnants and ruins of a late 19th century pool house that eventually burned to the ground. When I suggested this location for my good friend’s Jarrett and Amanda’s shoot, they were very excited. It was great day and looking back I’m thankful they were down to use this picturesque place as a backdrop.


My good friends Corey and Chandry went on their first date at Meuse wine bar at Hyde and Pacific in San Francisco. They decided to celebrate their engagement with a small group of friends and family at the same location. Meuse the perfect setting to take in a night in San Francisco with a glass of wine to warm one’s soul on a foggy night as the cable cars roll on by.